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Sunday 24th September 2017

Last Monday the Dolphins took part in the first over 65s tournament at Worthing Leisure Centre. This was an inaugaral event aimed at people who are looking for a competition without the participation of "them young'uns" - i.e those in their 50s! Sadly for everyone else - the Dolphins went and proved that for them age is no barrier - and came out on top of a well-contested tournament.
The other big event was Tuesday evening when the Dolphins held a well-attended general meeting at the Lord Nelson pub to discuss matters in the club.
Amongst the key issues were that we shall be organising another Clearwell Cup next summer. This year was a resounding success - a fun day enjoyed by all who took part (including the referees!). So to any teams who missed out this year - get in touch quickly! Photos of the day - courtesy of Andrew Finch from our sponsors Clearwell - are in the new Gallery page.
Another major decision was to try and structure our Friday Moulscoomb sessions so that they offered something for everyone - with sessions starting (after the obligatory warm-up)  with some skills training. And finishing with a warm-down to relax those muscles after the exercise they've been getting.
We are also going to start a drive to attract more female players to add to the 3 members that we already have.
Next up is the start of a new tournament at Worthing Leisure Centre. The Dolphins will definitely be putting out a team - but it looks unlikely that we have enough fit and available players to also field a Penguins team.